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    Carrera Safari-R-S Sunglasses
    White Black / Palladium Sun Glasses with Gray Gradient Lenses

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    Carrera Safari-R-S Sunglasses

    Wishes come free! The young CARRERA generation knows that there are no wishes that cannot come true, but only wishes that have not yet come true. We take life by the hand and run with it. We can put up with anything except regrets over things left undone, words unsaid and love undeclared. Live, dive in, have fun, follow your ambitions and realise illusions, believe in impossible love and, in the end, lose yourself: because wherever we may end up, we will make it a great place. With no regrets. Wearing Carrera Sunglasses is a unique, unmistakeable adventure in itself. Are you ready for a new collection fully interpreting the Carrera generation of dynamic, determined dreamers? "After all, no regrets"!

    Buy your Carrera Safari-R-S Sunglasses in Safari-R-S-0CR5-7V online at the Sunglass Garage today!

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    Sunglass Garage is proud to be an Authorized Dealer of mens and womens CARRERA Sunglasses.

    HISTORY: Carrera is one of the world's most prestigious fashion sunglass and sports eyewear brands. Carrera's trademark history in the sector of sports eyewear began in 1956. The sunglass brand reached new heights in popularity in the 1980s, becoming one of the most iconic fashion sunglass collections of the decade. In 1996, Safilo Group acquired Carrera, a market leader in sunglasses and prescription eyewear. Today, Carrera remains an iconic and successful international eyewear brand synonymous with design, innovation and quality.

    ATTITUDE: Being a leader means being ahead of the curve: this is the attitude that Carrera has always followed. In order to guarantee and constantly improve their quality, Carrera products are studied, developed and refined in collaboration with athletes of all kinds. Carrera elevates industry standards by refusing to compromise on quality. A half century of international victories is the direct result of a complete passion for product development and continuous technological research. Carrera has been the culmination of an extraordinary adventure set between innovation and sport, made of passion and success.

    DESIGN: Good design starts with the consumer's demands. Carrera strongly believes that the designer's task is to transform aesthetics into functional technology. Our designers create and realize innovative products, suiting the needs of our best athletes, assuring the highest balance between aesthetics and functionality.

    Buy your Carrera Sunglasses Online at the Sunglass Garage today! We offer free shipping through out the United States.

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