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    Electric Reprise Sunglasses
    Gloss Black Sunglasses with Melanin Grey Polar Level I Lenses

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    Electric Reprise Sunglasses - Description

    Electric Reprise Sunglasses feature a round-shaped frame with the perfect amount of stylish edge. The timeless appeal of these Electric Reprise Sunglasses are a nod to vintage fashion and historical icons. Mix that with a bit of present day detailing and you've got yourself an accessory that will be in style for years to come. Electric Reprise Sunglasses look great on both guys and gals. Wear them with a vintage jacket or a brimmed hat and you'll be ready for anything that comes your way. Even Yoko would be proud.

    Buy Electric Reprise Sunglasses in Gloss Black / Melanin Grey Polar Level I online at the Sunglass Garage today!

    Electric Reprise Sunglasses - Technical Details

    • Unisex Design: Looks great on guys and gals alike.
    • 100% UV Protection and 98% Blue Light Protection
    • Polarized Level I: Electric’s Level 1 Polycarbonate Polarized Lens provides the following benefits: reduces glare off of reflective surfaces, helps relax your eye to prevent squinting, true color perception, and superior scratch resistance.
    • 6 Base Melanin Infused CR39 Lenses: Electric is excited to offer these great new Melanin Infused CR-39 Lenses. They are an industry first! Electric has developed this technology exclusively with their own lens supplier.
    • What is CR-39? It is a polycarbonate monomer lens that combines the optical clarity of glass with the durability of a thermoset material. CR-39 lenses stand up to scratches and are very light-weight which makes them more comfortable than sunglasses that contain glass lenses.
    • Mazzucchelli Acetate Frame: Electric exclusively uses Mazzuccelli raw acetate for all of their hand made Italian acetate frames. This material is aesthetically pleasing, ideal for custom fitting and pliable when heated.
    • 5 Barrel Hinge: Many sunglass manufacturers use a spring to hinge their frames to the temple arms. This spring-type hinge can often break or loosen over time. Electric uses sturdy 5 Barrel Hinges to make sure that your sunglasses will stay strong longer. 5 Barrel Hinges are less likely to break with everyday wear and tear than spring hinges.
    • Designed in California
    • Hand Crafted In Italy

    About Electric's Handmade Italian Acetate Sunglass Collection

    Electric's collection of Handmade Italian Acetate Sunglasses features premium Mazzucchelli Acetate material. Established in 1849, Mazzucchelli is the number one producer of acetate for the fashion industry and accessories market. Mazzucchelli is currently one of the most innovative companies in the plastics market.

    This collection also features industry leading lens technology by Carl Zeiss Vision. Now over 150 years old, Carl Zeiss Vision continues to offer cutting edge vision products and is a pioneer for optical design and engineering.

    Previously, Electric manufactured its acetate eyewear collection in Asia, a popular choice for many fashion and action sport brands. Italian craftsmanship, however, has set the global standard for luxury product engineering. Meticulous attention to detail, first choice materials and high standard processes, have placed Italian craftsmanship at the pinnacle of sunglass manufacturing. Electric is now proud to offer the highest quality craftsmanship that is only available in Italy.

    Bringing our acetate program to Italy has been a key piece in the elevation of our sunglass quality over the last year. From our melanin infused lenses in our mold injected products, through to our new acetates, the entire line utilizes the finest materials and Italian craftsmanship.
    - Kip Arnette, Chief Design Officer and Co-founder.

    Electric Reprise Sunglasses - Fit Guide

    • Medium-Large Fit
    • Medium Coverage

    About Electric Visual - Electric California

    Electric Sunglasses are made in Italy and are well endowed! All Electric Sunglasses have the highest grade polycarbonate lenses available. They block 100% UV rays and filter out UVA, UVB, and UVC rays - the 3 most harmful of the sun's billion rays.

    Electric frames are constructed of mold injected Grylamide which has the best memory retention in variable temperatures. It is the lightest and strongest material available.

    Electric Sunglasses are designed with style and function as the precedent. They make enough frames to appease the hidden and not-so-hidden personality in everyone. It is up to you to decide what frame fits you best. You may want to get a couple pair.

    All kidding aside, Electric Sunglasses are proudly made in Italy with only the highest quality materials available in the market. Take a peek - you will love what the VOLT has to offer.