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    Gargoyles Cache Sunglasses
    Tortoise Sunglasses With Copper Lens

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    Gargoyles Cache Sunglasses - Tort with Copper Lens

    Gargoyles' most timeless collection. The midsize silhouette and sport inspired shapes make them look good without trying too hard. Tactile Gargoyles signal design on inner ear tips ensures the glasses stay well positioned. Embedded gunmetal logo on temple and smart-hinge guard complete the product details.

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    • Lightweight flexible Nylon frame material
    • Pin stop hinge
    • 7 base 210 degree shield lens
    • Shatter-resistant ballistic defense lenses
    • Soft rubber temple tip inserts
    • 100% UV protection
    • The G7 True Vision System is a newly introduced "off the charts" compilation of optical technology, packaged in the way our team always desired. Elements of G7 are available in every product throughout the collection, guaranteed to enhance daily living or mission oriented pursuits.
    • Gargoyles Unity Polarization corrects the direction of light rays to ensure they pass through the lens on a horizontal axis, providing a truer, distortion-free visual experience. Gargoyles lenses offer extreme impact resistance (5-6 times greater than regular polycarbonate), exceeding even military standards. Superior shield performance, to say the least. Gargoyles mirrored lenses are treated with a microfilm coating that resists dust, moisture and oils, including fingerprints.
    • Gargoyles lenses are optimized for panoramic viewing, with up to 210 degree of pure sight extension in wrapped frames. Gargoyles sunglasses shield your eyes from the sun's glare or any harmful ancillary rays. All lenses meet US regulations and standards for UVA, UVB and UVC protection.
    • Gargoyles' precision construction provides the ultimate in optimal comfort, durability and technology integration. Nose bridge, hinges and temple grips work together to guarantee advanced optical alignment and stability while remaining comfortable.
    • All Gargoyles Polarized lenses absorb horizontally polarized light to eliminate glare. Glare is simply a blinding concentration of light reflected off surfaces like asphalt, sand, water, snow or ice. Glare impedes vision, hampers concentration and can lead to problems such as headaches and eye fatigue.
    Gargoyles Ballistic Defense lenses offer extreme impact resistance that is 5 to 6 times greater than that of regular polycarbonate lenses. Developed from a superior blend of polymers, our Ballistic Defense Lenses exceed all ISO and ANSI test standards and exceed the MIL-STD 622 ballistic test. This test consists of stopping a .22 caliber bullet at 20 feet. All Gargoyles lenses guard your eyes from 100% UVA, UVB and UVC light. Our lenses are coated with a special scratch-resistant coating, which offers 30% more protection than conventional lens coatings. Whether you're at your best behind the wheel, on the trail or on your game, activity specific "image intensifiers" will improve your visual experience.
    In 1979, Dennis Burns, founder of Gargoyles, revolutionized an entire industry with the invention of the Toric lens. Dennis noticed that flat sunglass lenses left the eyes more exposed to the elements and contemporary curved lenses were causing visual distortion and stress on the eyes. This innovation became the basis of a brand. His solution was the Toric Curve Lens. A shape that allowed light to transmit directly to the eye. No refraction, no distortion. By the early 80's, the Toric lens became the technology foundation for the Gargoyles Performance Eyewear collection. Precision-molded and hand-finished, the design provided 210 degrees of wraparound protection. The Toric Curve Lens offers the ultimate solution. with precise geometry, the Toric Lens allows light to transmit directly to the eye. No refraction, no distortion. Light rays converge precisely on each retina, giving each eye its own center of focus and providing the viewer with clearer, sharper sight.

    By the early 1980s, the Toric Lens had birthed a line of performance sunglasses that are proudly called Gargoyles. Precision-molded and hand-finished, their unique Wrap-Back design gives 210 degrees of wraparound protection. Seen with these sunglasses, objects appear exactly where they are. Today, they continue to offer the most advanced, optically correct sunglass lenses worldwide, with realigned focus for work, sport, outdoor and military applications. The Toric Lens DNA continues to lead in optical quality and drive the collection's originality, invention and spirit in more instrumental ways than ever before.

    The G7 Gargoyles True Vision System is guaranteed to enhance everyday living or mission oriented pursuits.