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    Kaenon Spindle S5 Sunglasses
    Black Sunglasses With Chrome Grey G12 Polarized Lenses

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    Kaenon Spindle S5 Sunglasses

    The epitome of less is more comes through in Kaenon's SPINDLE S5; a highly sophisticated family of feather weight, semi-rimless metal frame sunglasses available in three distinctive SR-91 polarized lens shapes. Hip, yet universally easy-to-wear, the SPINDLE S5 has elegant, boxy angles in a medium sized 8-base wrapped lens shape, outlined by soft sides that allow men of almost any head shape and size to wear S5 well. While refined and very light weight, the durable semi-rimless Spindle Series metal frames come packed with Kaenon's industry leading commitment to high quality design and engineering details. Spring-loaded custom built single spring hinges, comfort bearing no slip Air Bag nose pads, and Variflex rubber temple tips allow unmatched comfort and a secure fit. Put these sunglasses on and you'll forget you're wearing them while you enjoy the sharpest view on the planet through Kaenon's patented SR-91 polarized lenses. Available in RX.

    SPINDLE S5 sunglasses come with a micro-fiber cleaning bag and Kaenon's small protective Metal Case: Custom-designed to securely protect your Kaenon Polarized eyewear. Durable spring hinges make for easy opening and closing of the clam-shell design.

    Kaenon's Small Metal Case

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    The very best lens deserves the very best coatings:
    • Polarized Lens SR-91 blocks 100% UV rays and eliminates glare.
    • Anti-Reflective Coating: absorbs light hitting the rear surface of the lens. Prevents irritating reflections from bouncing back off the rear lens surface and into your eye.
    • Anti-Scratch Hard Coating: while no lens is "scratch proof" this coating will get you close. This extremely durable hardcoat treatment is designed to protect the lens from all types of abuse.
    • Hydrophobic Coating: a unique treatment and is designed to shed water, snow, and sweat from the surface of the lens. It helps to prevent waterspots from distorting your vision. It also results in easier cleaning and care for your premium high performance lens.
    SR-91 Polarized is the next generation of Polarized Lens Technology starts at Kaenon. Light waves are constantly slicing through the air and towards our eyes from every angle. The most focused and blinding of this light is reflected off of surfaces including water, asphalt, snow, and even grass. Kaeon's proprietary polarizing filter, Glare 86, is engineered to detect theses harmful light waves and block them with unparalleled precision, allowing only the essential light through to produce the clearest vision, most accurate depth perception, and truest color representation. Creating the ultimate polarized lens would not be complete without the best lens coatings and treatments available. Each of the coatings (Anti-Reflective, Anti-Scratch and Hydrophopic) is added to the SR-91 lens in order to enhance your visual experience and performance.

    Every SR-91 polarized lens offers:
    • Razor Sharp Optical Clarity
    • Filtering of all harmful UV rays and blue light
    • Unsurpassed Glare Reduction
    • A thin profile and is ultra lightweight
    • Superior scratch resistance and durability
    • Impact resistance - exceeds ANSI Z87.1 for high mass impact
    • Lifetime Guarantee against delamination, cracking or splitting
    Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Lens Technology

    • Medium Fit
    • Medium Coverage
    The Sunglass Garage is proud to carry premium sunglasses from our friends at Kaenon Polarized! With a true passion for quality polarized eyewear and a never say die attitude, it was just a matter of time before the Sunglass Garage and Kaenon would form a partnership. At Kaenon some revolutions are not begun with a bang or a shout. Some revolutions quietly appeal to the senses, the intellect and even the soul. They are born out of constant thought and intense passion to effect change and to drive progress. It is with this mindset, that Kaenon Polarized was born.

    In 2001, two brothers, Steve and Darren Rosenberg noticed that polarized eyewear as the world knew it had serious shortcomings in all available materials. They saw through the fancy names and marketing spin of the leading eyewear brands and realized that polarized eyewear could be pushed to a level never before seen. With their entrepreneurial drive and passion to evolve the world optically, they set out to create a new polarized lens material that would enable their customers to experience clarity and polarization like never before.

    At the core of every Kaenon Polarized product is the patented SR-91 - the most advanced polarized lens on the planet. SR-91 is the only polarized lens that offers razor-sharp clarity, impact-protection, superior scratch-resistance and glare-reduction all in one ultra-lightweight lens. Kaenon's proprietary SR-91 lenses are also available in prescription.

    Kaenon Polarized and Sunglass Garage are working together because we stand for the same thing - quality products. We realize that customers have many options in sunglasses and we are here to tell you they are not all created equal. Kaenon is the perfect example of you get what you pay for. High quality product built with the customer in mind. They expect more from their polarized lenses - and so should you. It is no wonder that the Kaenon revolution begins not with a mindless shout, but an intelligent whisper. We could not agree more!