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Smith IO RECON Snowboard Goggles
Black Goggle with Interchangeable Lenses
+ GPS and Bluetooth® MOD Live Technology
+ Free Bonus Lens
+ Protective Hard Case & Microfiber Bag

Smith Optics IO Snow Goggle with GPS & Bluetooth Technology from Recon Instruments

Information is everywhere… with the new Smith I/O Recon Snow Goggles you can have it all right in front of your eyes. The next generation of GPS and Bluetooth® MOD (Micro Optics Display) Live technology is integrated into a unique Smith I/O frame design, maximizing field-of-view, helmet integration, and ease of lens change. Digital information coupled with lens interchangeability could not be any easier to experience.


  • Medium to Large Fit
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Includes 2 Spherical, Carbonic-X Lenses with TLT Optics
  • Quick Release Lens System
  • 5X Anti-Fog Inner Lens
  • Patented Vaporator Lens Technology with Porex™
  • Ultra-Wide Silicone Backed Strap
  • 3-Layer DriWix Face Foam
  • Includes Protective Hard Case and Microfiber Goggle Bag


  • Speed
  • Jump Analytics
  • Vertical
  • Altitude
  • Distance
  • Location
  • Temperature
  • Averages and Maximums
  • Chrono/Tracker
  • Run Counter (MOD Live)
  • Smartphone platforms
  • Navigation
  • Resort Points of Interest
  • Buddy Tracking
  • Text Messaging
  • Caller ID

Smith Optics I/O RECON Snow Goggles with GPS & Bluetooth Technology: An Integration of Industry Leading Technology and Design

MOD Live includes all the features of MOD but possesses additional functions utilizing smartphone operating systems and Bluetooth capabilities. Bluetooth will enable MOD Live to connect wirelessly to smartphones allowing access to music playlists, text messages and caller ID. MOD Live will also connect wirelessly to select upcoming wireless video cameras converting the micro-LCD screen into a real-time viewfinder. Now skiers and snowboard riders will be able to see what they are filming from any point of view in real-time and access playback and settings modes of externally paired cameras.

MOD Live users will also be able to take advantage of integrated resort information for navigation and buddy tracking. Trail maps from across the globe will be available for upload onto MOD Live via the Recon HQ platform. There is no limit to the number of applications that can be created for MOD Live. The open software development kit (SDK) that Recon Instruments provides will allow developers to create apps which can be uploaded to MOD Live.

Free Recon HQ software will allow MOD and MOD Live users to track, re-live, and share their alpine experiences from around the world, and HQ Online will act as the social hub of activity changing the way people share their alpine experiences. Learn more at Recon Instruments' Website. Both platforms of Recon HQ overlay the users’ runs and performance statistics with Google Maps with full resort information, and allow users to post and share multimedia they’ve tagged to their experiences at HQ Online, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

GPS & Bluetooth Technology from Recon Instruments

Smith I/O RECON Goggles: Interchangeable Lens:
The Smith Optics IO snow goggle is the world's most advanced interchangeable lens goggles. Just flip the top switches, pop out the lens and replace it with a new one.


Buy your Smith Optics I/O RECON Snow Goggle with GPS & Bluetooth Technology from Recon Instruments in Black with Interchangeable Lenses at the Sunglass Garage today!

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Articulating Outrigger Positioning System

A key element in goggle/helmet compatibility. Engineered to adjust to a

full range of face shapes and sizes, the Articulating Outrigger

Positioning System evenly transfers pressure across the brow and nose

to ensure a complete seal against the face. When used with a helmet,

the outrigger articulates allowing the goggle frame to sink into the

helmet face port, ultimately providing a comfortable and consistent fit

every time.


Ergonomic Outrigger Positioning System

The Ergonomic Outrigger Positioning System featured on the new Stance

Regulator is strategically positioned on the frame to draw the strap

forward and away from the goggle frame to provide a perfect fit - with

and without a helmet - a wide range of face sizes and shapes. The

outriggers evenly distribute pressure on the goggle frame to create a

complete seal on the face, for a consistently comfortable fit every



Flexible Urethane Frame

Smith uses a unique urethane compound, which allows the frame to

conform to individual facial features while maintaining its flexibility

in extreme cold temperatures.

Smith's Evolve program integrates more ecologically-friendly materials

into its products wherever possible. In 2008, they introduced goggles

made from 96% re-ground urethane. Utilizing recycled material from

other companies, we reduced our dependency on virgin urethane. As the

next step in the Evolve program, Smith has integrated Pearlthane ECO

bio-TPU into its goggle line wherever possible. This material is

composed of 40% bio-based material, derived from plant-based oils

separate from the world's food supply. Simply put, this new material

performs equally as well as traditional urethane while contributing up

to 40% fewer global warming emissions in the manufacturing of the



Split "V" Nose

A Smith innovation that strategically interrupts the urethane in the

nose area of the goggle frame to provide a self-adjusting fit.


Driwix Performance Face Foam

Ultra-plush. Perfect fit. Smith's dual layer DriWix compression-molded

face foams seal out the wind and moisture for maximum comfort and



Woven Strap

Our high quality, durable, double-woven strap distributes pressure more

evenly around the head to provide superior fit, adjustability and


  • Silicone bead for superior helmet compatibility featured on all

    Spherical, Turbo Fan and Regulator models and select Airflow models.

  • Clip buckle for easy on and off featured on all Spherical, Turbo

    Fan and Regulator models as well as Monashee OTG and Cariboo OTG.


Vaporator Lens Technology With Porex Filter

Patented Vaporator lens technology leads the industry in thermal lens

barriers. Utilizing processes previously reserved for aerospace and

medical capacities, Smith lenses are robotically cut and bonded

together with an airtight silicone bead to eliminate lens

delamination - the number one cause of between-the-lens fogging.

A revolutionary, micro-porous filter called Porex completes the system. Its

composition is structured such that air molecules may pass through the

filter while water molecules cannot. By utilizing this filter, the

thermal lens is allowed to adjust to varying altitudes while preventing

moisture from entering the space between the lenses. This is the

world's strongest thermal lens barrier.

Smith Polarized and Mirror Lens



Smith Non-Mirror Lens Options:


Smith Optics

Smith Optics set the standard for quality snow goggles back in 1965. For over forty years Smith Optics has hung its hat on a heritage of authenticity, innovating products for the fresh-air addict who pushes their limits and gear daily. They fuse performance and style harmoniously into a product line that features premium polarized optics, unmatched aesthetics and Interlock Interchangeable Lens Technology. You won't find a better product anywhere and Smith Optics backs that promise with a no-nonsense LIFETIME Warranty on everything they make... including Smith Goggles. Their heritage, years of innovation, and commitment to quality persists as they continue to raise the bar.

The Smith Goggles Collection reflects those core values without a doubt.