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    Smith Prospect Sunglasses
    Black Sunglasses with Grey Green Polarized Lenses

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    Smith Prospect Sunglasses - Description

    Smith Prospect Sunglasses are built to fit, built to last. On the surface this model appears deceptively simple. Striking a unique balance between lens size, temple weight, and precision fit was our primary goal. Rest assured, ti's complicated. Smith Prospect Sunglasses are an all day, everyday style for the modern outdoor warrior.

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    Smith Prospect Sunglasses - Technical Details

    • Carbonic TLT Lenses
    • Evolve Frame Material
    • Hydrophilic Megol Nose and Temple Pads
    • 8 Base Lens Curvature
    • Frame Measurements 61-19-125

    Smith Sizing Chart

    Wondering what Smith Optics' technical terms mean?

    Here's a list of definitions to help you become more technically savvy. Please note: Not all Smith Sunglasses feature all of these technologies. Please check the "Technical Details" tab to see which features your sunglasses come with.

    Smith Evolve Eco-Friendly Sunglasses TechnologyEvolve (Eco-Friendly / Green) Sunglasses Technology - By utilizing a new material called Rilsan Clear, Smith Optics is creating lightweight, durable, and fully transparent sunglass frames that are over 53% bio-based. Created from easily renewable, non-genetically modified castor plants, Rilsan Clear frame is combined with FSC certified packaging and a coconut fiber storage bag. Not to be forgotten, each logo plaque is "finished" with a clear water-based protective coating. The end result is a fully considered sunglass and a clearer conscience.

    Smith Polarchromic
TechnologyPolarchromic - A lens technology combining the benefits of glare obliterating polarization with the advantage of photochromic light sensitivity. Available in either Carbonic or Techlite glass, Smith Optics Polarchromic lenses automatically self-adjust their tint in response to ambient UV light conditions creating a tint level which is perfect at all hours of the day. These lenses retain their photochromic properties indefinitely, certainly outliving the life of the frame itself. Spanning a range of approximately 10%-35% VLT (Visible Light Transmission) Polarchromic lenses need only 10-25 seconds to fully transform from light to dark depending on UV light intensity. The result is a lens tint which is perfect at every moment of the day from dawn to dusk particularly at hours when the benefits of polarized are vital but the lens tint has to be light enough to see.

    Polarization - It's like noise-canceling headphones for your eyes. Glare off of horizontal surfaces like snow, water, and asphalt, decreases depth perception, reduces visual acuity, and causes eye fatigue. We precisely align the polarized visual layer inside our lenses to filter out 99.9% of this "visual static" for a finely tuned view of the action.

    Smith Lens Construction Lens Construction - The glare stopping benefits of polarization meet tint shifting photochromic magic in the most advanced lenses we have ever created. Versatile and comfortable, Smith Polarchromic lenses automatically darken or lighten as a response to the level of light you are exposed to. These polarized, variable tint lenses darken on exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Once the UV is removed (for example by walking indoors or having the sun drop behind the tree line), the variable tint lenses will return to their lighter tint state.

    TLT - Visual distortion occurs when light waves hit an aggressively-curved lens causing it to bend or distort an objects true size or position. Imagine looking through a fish eye lens. What your eye normally sees, is stretched beyond reality. Get the picture? Tapered Lens Technology corrects the distortion by progressively tapering the lens from the optical center towards the out edges. Light waves are thereby delivered straight to your eye resulting in zero distortion and true optical clarity. What you see is what you get.

    Techlite - Polarized Glass lenses produce clarity, optical precision, and comfort that surpass all expectations. By absolutely minimizing lens thickness to provide a 20% weight reduction over standard lenses, total frame weight rivals any sunglass on the market. Created through a finishing process with controls maintaining 1/200th of a millimeter tolerance, each lens is optically-corrected using Tapered Lens Technology. Utilizing a nine layer construction set up, all available light is managed to maximize clarity and eye comfort. All Techlite Polarized Glass lenses utilize a multi-layer Anti-Reflective (AR) mirror coating to absorb back light effects. A permanent Oleophobic coating protects the lens and mirror coatings by repelling water, dirt, fingerprints, and grease.

    Carbonic - Unsurpassed impact and scratch resistance. Impact resistant polarized optics providing great value and glare reduction.

    Carbonic TLT - Engineered to be the most impact resistant lens material in the world, Carbonic TLT lenses are optically corrected to maximize visual clarity and object definition. Carbonic TLT polarized and non-polarized lenses are ideal for sport and casual use.

    CR39 - Brilliant optics meets modern fashion. A lightweight advanced polymer that has a high abrasion and scratch resistance. Fashion forward colorations and gradient fades complement excellent optical clarity.

    Hydroleophobic Coating - An advanced lens barrier engineered to never stop repelling contaminants and moisture. Repels moisture, grease, and grime. A barrier between your lenses and the world. Water will bead up and disperse without streaking. Smudges from fingerprints are wiped clean easily.
    • Medium to Large Fit
    • Medium to Large Coverage

    Smith Optics Lifetime Warranty


    For over forty years Smith Optics has hung its hat on a heritage of authenticity, innovating products for the fresh-air addict who pushes their limits and gear daily. They fuse performance and style harmoniously into a product line that features premium polarized optics, unmatched aesthetics and Interlock interchangeable technology. You won't find a better product anywhere and they back that promise with a no-nonsense lifetime warranty on everything they make.

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