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    Spy Angler Sunglasses
    Black Sunglasses with Happy Grey Green Lenses
    Part of the Spy Happy Collection
    Part of Spy's Peak Series Collection

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    Spy Angler Sunglasses - Description

    Spy Angler Sunglasses are part of Spy's Peak Series Collection: Whether a skilled angler, consummate thrill seeker, or an explorer of nature, Spy's Peak Series will comfortably stay on your face, protect your eyes, and enhance nature's awe-inspiring beauty in ways you've never seen before. Spy Angler Sunglasses are a masculine-style sporty frame. It's got an 8x4 Toric Lens that wraps equally from top to bottom and left to right to prevent distortion. These Spy Angler Sunglasses will fit a lot of different face shapes well. How will it look on you when you're reeling in that prize-winning fish?

    Buy Spy Angler Sunglasses in Black / Happy Grey Green online at the Sunglass Garage today!

    Spy Angler Sunglasses - Technical Details

    Spy's Happy Lens - See Better, Feel Better, Perform
    • Hytrel at Temple Tips and Nose Pads: Specially-made rubber temple tips and nose pads become tackier with moisture, keeping your shades sitting securely on your face. Helps prevent slippage.
    • 8x4 Toric Lenses
    • Masculine-style wrap that is great for outdoor activities.
    • Features Spy's HAPPY Lens: SPY's Happy Lens is the only color and contrast enhancing lens designed to maximize the transmission of the sun's good rays while still blocking out its bad rays so you can enjoy nature's awe-inspiring beauty in ways you've never seen before.
      • See Better: Superior color and contrast enhancement. Distortion-free ARC (Accurate Radius Curvature) lenses.
      • Feel Better: Good Rays In, Bad Rays Out. Studies suggest that long-wave blue light (the good rays) fosters a positive uplift in mood and alertness.
      • Perform Better: Relaxes eyes to reduce fatigue. Easily distinguish changes in terrain.
      • Spectra Coating reflects strong light & glare.
      • Impact & Scratch Resistant.
    • Repels Moisture, Oil & Dust to Keep Vision Clear
    • Provides 100% UVA, UVB, & UVC Protection

    Spy Happy Lenses - Color Guide:

    Happy Bronze Lens:
    Spy's Happy Bronze Lens increases contrast and color, providing comfort in a wide range of conditions. This is a great lens for fishing, driving and everyday outdoor activities.

    Happy Bronze Blue Spectra Lens:
    Spy's Happy Bronze Blue Spectra Mirror Lens offers superior contrast and color in full sun. This lens will perform well for open ocean fishing and other water-based activities.

    Happy Rose Lens:
    Spy's Happy Rose Lens is a high contrast specialty lens allowing maximum light transmission for low light in early morning or late afternoon and fast moving activities.

    Happy Bronze Green Spectra Lens:
    Spy's Happy Bronze Green Spectra Mirror Lens offers a soothing effect in nature's green and blue surroundings. This is a perfect lens for golfing, inland fishing, lakes, rivers and streams.

    Happy Grey Green Lens:
    Spy's Happy Grey Green Lens tones down brightness without distorting colors. This lens is good for driving and everyday activities where high contrast is needed.

    Happy Bronze Black Mirror Lens:
    Spy's Happy Bronze Black Mirror Lens provides crisp color saturation and natural contrast in medium to bright sun. This lens is good for all around land activities and water sports.

    Spy Angler Sunglasses - Fit Guide

    • Medium-Large Fit
    • Medium Coverage

    Spy Optic - About the Brand

    The Sunglass Garage is proud to be an authorized retailer of SPY SUNGLASSES. When Spy Optic launched its brand in 1994, we were there! We bought their very first line and continue to partner with them today, in every way possible. We believed in the brand from the start and have watched them flourish into the awesome brand we know today.

    Spy Optic was born in Southern California by people who are passionate about the sports they love and the products they use. They offer unique eyewear options for fashion forward designs, sport, polarized and prescription sunglasses. Spy's staff loves the brand and lives the lifestyle - they ride, surf and skate every chance they get. Spy Optic is known as a premier specialty brand because their innovative proprietary products utilize high-quality materials, handcrafted manufacturing processes and engineered optical lens technology to convey premium quality, contemporary style, and progressive design. Their products are 100% designed by Spy in the USA (California) and are manufactured and assembled, by hand, in their own factory in Varese, Italy.

    What else can we tell you? Well, their designer sunglass styles are just really cool! We don't have to explain that do we?

    Great products and phenomenal relationships with our business partners are why Sunglass Garage & Spy Optic make such a successful team. Try a pair of Spys today - you'll be as impressed as we are.

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