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    Spy Discord Sunglasses
    Cosmic Sunrise Sunglasses with Grey Pink Spectra Lenses

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    Spy Discord Sunglasses - Description

    Spy Discord Sunglasses are as disruptive as the era that inspired them. Kick the hornet's nest, stir it up. A little dissension goes a long way. Spy Discord Sunglasses have a classic wayfarer styling with a harsh attitude that will disturb the peace.

    Buy Spy Discord Sunglasses in Cosmic Sunrise / Grey Pink Spectra online at the Sunglass Garage today!

    Spy Discord Sunglasses - Technical Details

    Please note: Lens Feature Details Vary by Sku.

    • Custom-built from high quality Propionate
    • 6-Base PC Lenses: SPY's spherical sunglasses are available in 4, 6, 8, or 9-Base. Base curve refers to the amount of wrap that a lens has, which in turn affects the curvature of the frame. A flatter lens -- ├╣such as a 4-Base -- will create a much flatter, squared frame shape, whereas a higher base number will cause a sleek, wraparound fit.
      • 4 BASE. As flat as it gets, our 4-base lenses are for straight-up fashion purists.
      • 6 BASE. A middle-ground curve, not too little, not to much. For that classic style.
      • 8 BASE. A good strong wrap that works well for both function and fashion.
      • 9 BASE. The strongest curvature we offer for a sleek, athletic and functional fit.
    • 100% UVA, B & C Protection: All SPY lenses feature 100% UVA, B & C protection. We've got you covered so get out there and play.
    • Frame Measurements: 57-17-145

    Spy Discord Sunglasses - Fit Guide

    • Medium to Large Fit
    • Medium to Large Coverage
    • Unisex Styling

    Spy Optic - About the Brand

    The Sunglass Garage is proud to be an authorized retailer of SPY SUNGLASSES. When Spy Optic launched its brand in 1994, we were there! We bought their very first line and continue to partner with them today, in every way possible. We believed in the brand from the start and have watched them flourish into the awesome brand we know today.

    Spy Optic was born in Southern California by people who are passionate about the sports they love and the products they use. They offer unique eyewear options for fashion forward designs, sport, polarized and prescription sunglasses. Spy's staff loves the brand and lives the lifestyle - they ride, surf and skate every chance they get. Spy Optic is known as a premier specialty brand because their innovative proprietary products utilize high-quality materials, handcrafted manufacturing processes and engineered optical lens technology to convey premium quality, contemporary style, and progressive design. Their products are 100% designed by Spy in the USA (California) and are manufactured and assembled, by hand, in their own factory in Varese, Italy.

    What else can we tell you? Well, their designer sunglass styles are just really cool! We don't have to explain that do we?

    Great products and phenomenal relationships with our business partners are why Sunglass Garage & Spy Optic make such a successful team. Try a pair of Spys today - you'll be as impressed as we are.

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