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    Under Armour Thief Sunglasses
    Flip Up Baseball Sunglasses
    Shiny Black Sunglasses with Game Day Lenses

    Under Armour Thief Sunglasses - Featuring a Flip-Up Action for Baseball

    Lightweight, rugged, and sleek, the UA THIEF Sunglasses are performance-engineered flip-up sunglasses that equip baseball players with an unmatched weapon to battle sun and glare. Under Armour's ArmourSight technology provides increased sightlines at the edges of your field of vision, and the Game Day lens tint illuminates objects and sharpens on-field contrast. A dual-flip grip and precision flip mechanism ensure a smooth transition between up and down positions.

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    Lifetime Warranty

    • All of the lenses in the Under Armour Performance Eyewear

      collection block 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

    • ArmourFusion Frame: lightweight, strong, inherent memory
    • ArmourSight Lens Technology: 20% enhanced vision edge to edge; 10 times stronger than polycarbonate lenses
    • Three-Point Grip: ensures a comfortable and secure fit
    • Anti-Bounce Bridge: cradles nosebridge for comfort and reduces frame movement
    • Cushioned Hinge: hinge impact zone absorbs shock and ensures a customized fit
    • Air Flow Technology: air flow directed through the lens to keep the wearer cooler


    The only lens that allows you to see

    what's really there.

    Under Armour ArmourSight Lens</p><p>Technology Diagram


    ArmourSight provides the

    wearer with up to 20% enhanced vision edge to edge, delivered in a

    lens that is up to 10 times stronger than polycarbonate lenses.

    ArmourSight Lenses have rendered conventional decentered lenses


    The military-inspired ArmourSight polymer was created to withstand

    violent impact, translating into the ultimate protection in training

    and on the field of play. ArmourSight Lenses eliminate all

    peripheral distortion, resulting in an increased field of vision

    that improves reaction time and overall performance. Additionally,

    ArmourSight Lenses can accommodate customized, sport-specific tints

    (available in several Under Armour styles), which sharpen contrast

    and illuminate objects by separating them from their backgrounds.

    Under Armour 2 Point Grip System</p><p>Diagram


    ArmourFusion frames flex and

    retain their shape through the toughest conditions. Combining the

    element Titanium, which has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of

    any metal known to man, with Grilamid, a durable cutting-edge

    thermoplastic, results in ultra-lightweight, impact-resistant

    sunglass frames.

    • Medium to Large Fit
    • Medium to Large Coverage

    Under Armour Sunglasses

    Under Armour performance eyewear delivers superior vision, strength, and comfort. From lens technology that provides a wider range of peripheral vision to revolutionary frame material that is ultra-lightweight and strong, UA performance eyewear is built for athletes. Whatever the conditions, and whatever your sport, Under Armour performance eyewear is doing something for you: It's making you better.