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Welcome to the Sunglass Garage – We're a leader in premium lifestyle sunglasses, eyewear and accessories!

  • We are a 100% AUTHORIZED RETAILER for all brands listed on our site.
  • All of our products are backed by a full manufacturer's warranty.

With over 25 combined years of Sunglass Specialty experience, we know the premium sunglass and goggle market inside and out. We study each and every sunglass line in the industry and then make educated decisions on which product lines we believe in and which ones we don't. We ask all the tough questions before we bring new merchandise into our store... Is this a quality product made with premium components? Will our customers be satisfied with this product? Does this brand practice what they preach? Is the company behind the brand comprised of good people with ethical business practices? Bottom line: we will not support a brand we don’t whole-heartedly believe in. You can sit back and relax just knowing we are out there testing the products you're shopping for. We wear them everyday and you should too! I guess you could say if it is not on our site there is definitely a reason why.

Enjoy shopping at the Sunglass Garage - you will love our shades!

Experience & Expertise
It is all about experience, and boy oh boy, have we done it all! In 1993, we were introduced to the sunglass industry and we were hooked! We worked for one of the top sunglass specialty retailers in the world and we helped develop one of the first ever sunglass catalogs. And over the past 10 years we have worked in both the sunglass specialty market and directly for some of the top sunglass manufacturers on the planet.

We've worn all the hats - we've been buyers, sales people, brand managers, and of course, consumers! We know all the players and have built great relationships with great people in the sunglass industry. We're proud that we can call these people true friends as well as business partners.

Sunglasses are our passion
SUNGLASSES ARE WHAT WE LOVE! We love to wear them, we love to promote them and we love to sell them. Its our in-depth knowledge of the sunglass industry that allows us to give you the best quality products, service and price. Our goal is to use our expertise to help you find the best pair of sunglasses or snow goggles you can put on your face!

The Sunglass Garage Team - We are true sunglass specialists 
One of the best things about the Sunglass Garage is its people! The people that work at Sunglass Garage are just like you... passionate and full of life! When we're feeling active, we love to travel, golf, ski, snowboard, jet ski, wakeboard, surf, skate, mountain bike, skydive and race cars. And when we feel like chillin' we love to hang by the pool, catch a concert, or watch a game. Of course, you have to have great shades to do all these things!! Our staff uses and tests the products we sell - we believe this is one of the most important aspects of our business. If we don't like to wear it ourselves, we won’t carry it... period!

Price Matters
Price point is a key part of picking out a new pair of shades. Remember: you really DO get what you pay for when you buy a pair of sunglasses. It's important to know that WE ONLY SELL AUTHENTIC PRODUCTS. No fakes, no knockoffs, never! A pair of $10 gas station sunglasses are $10 for a reason... they're cheaply made, poor quality products. Sunglass Garage only sells the highest quality, premium brands in the industry.

Beware of sneaky retailers:
Sunglass Garage does not mark-up products like other stinky, I mean sneaky, retailers. Some retailers use the trick-or-treat “free shipping” method to entice customers... "Oh la la, free shipping, what a deal!" But wait – something stinks. What they probably don’t tell you is that they marked the item up first - anywhere from $5 to $10 - to cover the shipping cost. So you are likely paying for the “free shipping” anyway. We're cool enough to actually give you FREE USA SHIPPING. We take it out of our cost, not yours. That's our way of showing we care about our customers and appreciate their business. Sunglass Garage sells product at the manufacturer's suggested retail price - free shipping or not, and that's it - no tricks!

Garage Sale! Who doesn't love a Garage Sale? Well, actually, my sister hates garage sales...but that's just because she thinks they smell like moth balls and old people. But you won't find any of that stuff here... so seriously don't miss the Garage Sale section of our site!! Our years of expertise and connections can get you hooked up! We seek out great deals on your behalf and can save you up to 70% on retail prices. These items are usually discontinued colors or close-out specials. Check it out - you'll be happy you did.